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For our friends at RetroWDW.com we provide a 10% discount. WDWMap offers the updated V2017 version of the map in a number of sizes  in two different options. First is a stretched canvas over a wood frame that is ready for hanging, also available is a rolled canvas version for those that want to frame or stretch it themselves. All prices include domestic shipping. Payment is handled via Paypal which takes all major credit cards or transfers from your bank account.

The stretched canvas over wood frame option, is just that. The canvas map stretched over a wood frame. The sides of the frame will be stretched, which means we duplicate the last pixel on each side of the image and that is wrapped around the frame. It maintains the color scheme and looks very nice.


Stretched canvas over wood frame-Ready for hanging
Size Item# Cost Order
20″x16″ 9677 $107.10

24″x20″ 9676 $152.10

30″x24″ 9675 $197.10

40″x30″ 9674 $296.10

48″x36″ 9673 $332.10








The Canvas option is a rolled canvas print of the WDWMap V2017 version with a 2 inch white border around its perimeter to allow for framing/stretching. The actual size of the map is provided below but add 4 inches to each value to get the actual size of the canvas. For instance the 20″x16″ will be 24″x20″.


Rolled Canvas
Size Item# Cost Order
20″x16″ 9577 $62.10

24″x20″ 9576 $71.10

30″x24″ 9575 $89.10

40″x30″ 9574 $116.10

48″x36″  9573 $143.10

60″x48″  9572 $215.10